A New Leaf

I’m feeling really different these days. I don’t know, fresher somehow, lighter and with some sort of renewed purpose. I’m not ordinarily someone who sits around wondering why she’s here. I’m pretty directed that way, and endlessly curious. So I could pretty much go on learning for the remainder of my days. 

But when I get in touch with my emotions, and the sensations I feel in my body and in the energy around me, it’s as if the universe is pushing me forward somehow, asking me to take a broader role in the world. Part of me knows what to do, what is being asked. Part of me doesn’t. So on most days I’m content to take one more step toward whatever. 

But then I started thinking about trees, and how they lose their leaves once a year. Sure, the process is visible in fall, when the leaves are turning color and hitting the ground, but it must begin in summer. Just when the leaves are losing their very greenest color, and the air is getting hotter, the tree is agreeing to change. It’s setting forth a contract to do what it always does — move into the inevitable slowing down of autumn. 

I feel like those leaves, making an agreement to move through the intense changes of spring and summer, so that things can slow down a bit in fall. I love that time of year, anyway. There’s something deeply reverent and still about it. And this fall, there’s something in me that says I’ll be in a far better and more enjoyable place, even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with right now. 

Wishes Into Dreams

Maybe it’s the 2012 phenonemon, and the people who still keep writing to me, practically on a daily basis, asking if I believe the world is going to come to an end this year. 

Short answer?  No, I don’t. 

Long answer? I’m being guided in a big way to offer some new programs, providing accelerated healing for those who are interested. I use a hybrid kind of energy work, delivered by distance protocol (over the phone), and have been given a lot more techniques through my guides, who seem to want me to share this on a larger stage very shortly. 

When I did some automatic writing about it, I saw that the reason behind the accelerated healing programs I’m supposed to offer has to do with my work, of course, and getting these techniques out to those who can use them, as well as healers who can spread them among their own clientele. But I also realized that the reason it’s happening now is that 2012 represents an acceleration in our development as a species. When I was in the channeling state, I saw that we’re on the precipice not as far as whether or not we’ll survive, or whether the planet will survive (that’s up to the divine to decide, I suppose, and will take many, many more years before it’s even likely to happen), but having to decide how we want to be as people, what types of people we want to be around, and what type of activities we want to engage in for the remainder of our time on earth.

It’s a pretty big decision. All I know is that one of my life goals is to help people heal, to rid themselves of any mental, emotional, spiritual or physical blocks so they can get their divine purpose under way. I know we are stronger in numbers than alone, and it’s we’re going to turn wishes into dreams, will ned to work together to make it happen.