Reframing Surprises

Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball. You read it, react as best you can, and then you get another pitch. Then you get another curve ball, and another, until you’re sure the next one has to be a fast ball. Or a slider. No one ever throws straight curve balls. They’re too easy to read. 

But then it happens again. And you either swing through it, or connect and send it into the stands. 

Life threw me another curve ball today, but I have to say that this reframing stuff is making it easier and easier when things like that happen. I was calm, didn’t get too worked about it, and even though my mind was tempted to go in all sorts of directions, spinning possible stories in a million simultaneous spikes, I was proud to stay grounded. After a few minutes (not hours, weeks, months of even years), I could see this as a gift, an opportunity, a rite of passage that would only lead to better things. Freer and less burdened things, that will undoubtedly bring new knowledge, new growth and even newer changes and opportunities. Which would make other people feel afraid, I guess. But for right now, even in the midst of this groundlessness, I am happy to be me, with my life, headed into tomorrow and whatever’s coming.