Making time for detoxing has its benefits. You feel a little wobbly and on the verge of getting sick for a few days, but it’s one of the best excuses ever for sleeping. I love sleep. After basketball, it’s my favorite sport. It involves no contact, results in a sweet dizzy hangover if you’re doing it right, and hurts basically no one, unless you’re late for work. But since I work for myself, that’s rarely a problem. 

I had a pretty full agenda today — errands, yoga, writing and a little work. But about halfway through the day, I just … bailed. My brain and body conspired against me and basically said, “You know what, lady? You work too much. Your body needs to let some stuff go — some old memories (been having some really strange dreams) and maybe even some ideas about what the “right” way to spend Saturday might be.” 

I work a lot. True dat. I like working. My work doesn’t suck, at all. But sure, I hear ya. Sometimes you just gotta freakin’ fall asleep on the couch for an hour or so. I literally haven’t done that in years. 

Also been thinking about reframing some limiting thoughts and beliefs that have come up lately, about what I can and can’t expect when my book comes out next year. I keep finding myself thinking I shouldn’t expect too much, or should protect myself from disappointment if it doesn’t sell the way I want it to. 

Crap to that. I’ve been working with reframing that stuff all day, and now it goes something like this: Who knows what’s going to happen? I will work as hard as I can, and exploit the resources I have, and after that I have to trust that the universe and other people around the world will somehow find their way to it, and want to read it, and buy a copy. I hope they will find it funny, entertaining, and maybe a little moving. 

And I hope above all that I can keep weeding out this stuff that doesn’t serve me, and probably never has. Who needs that, anyway?